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Take Action

Road 2 Reform

Activism takes many forms from attending rallies to calling your local congress people to simply talking about the issues.

Take Action - Share

Have a desire

Talk to family, friends, and social networks. This can be just as important as holding a picket sign at a rally.

Take Action - Call


Call your local representatives and congressional leaders. Click the links in the resource section below to get started! You can also go directly to the website!

Take Action - Rally

Show up!

Attend a rally or an event in your local area. Sign our mailing list to stay up to date with Moises’ speaking engagements and events.

Resource Links

Find and contact your senators by selecting your state:

Find and contact your reps by entering your zip code:

Find and contact you state Governor:

Find and contact your state legislators:

Contact your Government by department or agency:

Contact your Government by topic:


Find Events

Check out the following links to find events in your area:

Forbidden’s Facebook Page

El Cambio

Latin American Coalition

Faith Action International House

Let’s Learn NC

Make a Donation

Documentary work is a labor of love and with it comes with numerous on-going expenses. We happily accept support at any time through our fiscal agent, Fractured Atlas.

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