Moises Serrano

Our mission is to bring awareness and urgency to basic human rights issues. Moises faces significant hurdles based on his undocumented status, his sexuality, and the limited resources available living in a rural area. His story of personal transformation inspires audiences to ask reflective questions: How can obstacles in our lives lead us to our life purpose? How can we create change in our communities, state and country? How can different oppressed groups work together for justice?

Moises is an ideal character for challenging stereotypes about undocumented immigrants and same-sex couples. Viewers can readily connect to his passion, complexity, and all-around likability. His story relates directly to the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S., and LGBTQ individuals fighting for equality and civil rights.

When Moises is 18 months old, his parents risk their lives bringing him across the US/Mexican border to rural North Carolina in search of steady work. Years later, as an undocumented, gay man full of ambition and talent, he is barred from attending community college, faces limited job opportunities, and regularly deals with prejudices against both his brown skin and sexuality. At age 21, he is on the brink of suicide. Out of his darkest moments he discovers his life passion—his role as an activist. Forbidden begins with Moises fighting for immigration reform, LGBTQ rights, and justice for all people.

Moises’ story is a transformational journey from depression and despair to a life of passion and purpose. At his lowest point, he meets several undocumented immigrant activists who encourage him to publically share his story outside the Yadkin County Courthouse. Although a big risk, speaking out sparks a sense of purpose for Moises and leads him, along with other activists, to establish El Cambio, an organization committed to immigrant and migrant rights in North Carolina. His natural leadership skills and charismatic personality quickly lead him to the spotlight. Around this time, Moises meets his current partner Brandon, and falls in love for the first time. After years of conflict about his sexuality, heightened by teasing from family and peers, Moises finally does not feel alone. He begins incorporating LGBTQ activism into his immigrant rights platform, seeking ways of combining the energy of both groups for maximum political impact. In North Carolina’s current hostile political environment, Moises continues to gain notoriety as a speaker, organizer, and political activist in both the immigration and LGBTQ communities.

Universal moments of independence such as moving out of his parent’s house, purchasing a car on his own, and contemplating marriage interweave with the political victories of DACA and DOMA. This crossover brings to light how closely intertwined the personal and political are for Moises and the millions of people in similar circumstances. Moises seeks to engage his parents generation in ‘coming out of the shadows” to join the fight for reform. Due to the weakening national immigration bill, the threat of deportation will likely remain for years. Fighting for in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants is also central for Moises, who himself has not been able to attend college due to North Carolina laws and the financial challenge of paying out of state tuition.


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