Growing up in rural North Carolina, Moises Serrano fell in love with a country that refused to recognize his full humanity - both as an undocumented immigrant and as a gay man. The documentary project Forbidden follows Moises’ personal journey as an activist fighting for the American Dream.

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is to bring awareness and urgency to basic human rights issues.

Undocumented GraduatesOur mission is to bring awareness and urgency to basic human rights issues. Moises faces significant hurdles based on his undocumented status, his sexuality, and the limited resources available living in a rural area. His story of personal transformation inspires audiences to ask reflective questions: How can obstacles in our lives lead us to our life purpose? How can we create change in our communities, state and country? How can different oppressed groups work together for justice?

Moises is an ideal character for challenging stereotypes about undocumented immigrants and same-sex couples. Viewers can readily connect to his passion, complexity, and all-around likability. His story relates directly to the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S., and LGBTQ individuals fighting for equality and civil rights.

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Moises Speaks at Moral Monday March for Voting Rights!

This summer Moises was invited by the NAACP to help organize Latino participation for the Moral Monday March for Voting Rights in Winston-Salem, NC. The rally marked the beginning of the trial for N.C. NAACP vs. Pat McCrory, challenging one of the most damaging voting rights suppression laws since the 1960’s. On Monday July 13, thousands turned ... Read More

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