Moises is going to college!

Sarah Lawrence 1960
by Forbidden Doc

For seven years Moises attempted to attend college. Receiving a scholarship after high school, he quickly learned it would be revoked because of an out-right ban on undocumented residents attending college. Once the ban was removed, he faced another hurdle—to attend college he would have to pay out-of-state tuition and he was not eligible for financial aid due to his undocumented status. Moises has lived in North Carolina for 23 years, most of his life. How does a young man working for minimum wage and coming from a migrant working family afford out of state tuition, out of pocket with no financial assistance?  For three and a half years he gained a reputation as a vibrant and sought after speaker for the immigrant rights and LGBTQ movements.  Those years of driving all over the state to speak at events and raising his voice have finally paid off.  From encouragement from a friend, Moises applied to Sarah Lawrence College and on Friday March 21, he received his acceptance letter. Two weeks later he received notification that he would receive a full scholarship for all four years of college. Tears flowed and the weight of the world was lifted. An amazing and beautiful victory for Moises and for the millions of young people fighting for the right to an education. Join us in celebrating Moises’ significant and life altering accomplishment! Moises will be continuing in the tradition of activism at Sarah Lawrence College!