Inaugural poet Richard Blanco endorses Forbidden!

Richard Blanco
by Forbidden Doc

We are happy to announce that Richard Blanco, the esteemed poet who spoke at President Obama’s 2012 inauguration, is endorsing Moises Serrano and our documentary project!

Richard and Moises met in October 2013 during a poetry tour in Greensboro, NC. Moises gave a brief telling of his story before Richard’s talk to an audience of over 200 people at the Carolina Theatre in downtown Greensboro. Richard was so moved by Moises’ story of coming to this country and striving for a successful future, that he dedicated his poem, “Taking My Cousin’s Photo at the Statue of Liberty” to Moises. Here is Richard’s statement of endorsement:

“In October I met Moises Serrano at an event in Greensboro, North Carolina. His inspiring story, one of courage and resiliency, moved me to dedicate my poem “Taking My Cousin’s Photo at the Statue of Liberty” to him and his cause at my reading. His story is similar to my own. We are both immigrants, we are both queer and we are both storytellers. Immigration and LGBTQ issues are causes that are close to my heart. I am pleased to support his project, Forbidden: Undocumented & Queer in Rural America. The mission of this documentary project is to educate our fellow Americans about critical human rights issues, dispel common myths and stereotypes that surround our communities, and move people to action. I invite you to explore Moises’ story and hope that you will be moved to follow this young man’s journey and learn more about the struggles of our communities.”

We are so thrilled to have this support from Richard. Please check out his website to read some of his writing and learn more about this inspiring speaker and artist. Thank you Richard!